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3 Activities to Get You to Visit Davao

Davao city is one lovely place. It’s clean. People are good followers. Taxi and jeepney drivers are honest. You’d walk on the streets without much worry of a robber stealing your things.

When you visit Davao city, you’d probably think it’s just an ordinary busy city. While most of this is true, you have to remember that Davao city is a large city and there are places where away from the center of the metro where you can experience diverse activities.

Here are 3 activities we suggest you try when you plan to visit Davao.

Eat. Of course, no trip is complete without trying some delicious dishes. If you go around the city, you’d find a variety of dining places. From small eateries to fancy restaurants, you will never run out of food choices! There are the usual restaurants with simple and original dishes. If you’re in for some food adventure, you can try crocodile meat dishes at Crocodile Park. If you have time, stroll around the city and try the affordable yet satisfying street foods scattered around.

Experience Wild & Wildlife. Eden Nature Park has a zipline. Davao Zorb Park gets you literally rolling. Philippine Eagle Center let’s you see the mighty Philippine eagle. If you’ve had enough of the city tour, it’s time to experience the more peaceful wildlife environment.

Shop. There are a lot of malls in the city but you didn’t visit Davao to shop in these malls. Aldevinco has a lot of pasalubong choices that are truly Dabawenyo. Just a few steps away from Aldevinco is the city’s famous ukay-ukay spot. If you’re a diligent shopper, you may find awesome branded items that are sold on a really low price!

With these and more, you will really enjoy your stay in Davao City.