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REDD engages in sustainable agriculture with the farmers and the general public around the world.

With the farmers, we exchange about methods that preserve the natural environment like organic farming or permaculture. Market access and the creation of added value are other essential topics that we discuss. Our favoured tools are the ones that lower the number of intermediaries and favour direct selling like on-farm production, direct selling and rural tourism. Other instruments like labels and direct payments for the conservation of biodiversity are also part of our tool kit.

With the general public, we exchange about ecological gardening, sustainable consumption and healthy food. This exchange is essential to establish a tighter link between the cities and the countryside. In this view, we organise trainings, practical workshops, conferences and offer expertise for project set up.

REDD association is a founding member of REDD ltd. The objective of setting up a private company in December 2010 was to facilitate the engagement in commercial activities like trainings and expertise that contribute to the objectives of the association