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Developing the Geographical Indication Tnalak Tau Sebu


Developing the Geographical Indication Tnalak Tau Sebu

Working on a mandate of the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (supported by the EU), we have been working with the representatives of some 750 weavers of this great handcraft.    Tnalak is a hand woeven cloth, made of natural abaca fibers harvested in the forests around Lake Sebu, and colored with extracts from plants.  The product and the designs are deeply anchored in the traditions of the Tiboli people.  This handicraft product has very strong limks to the terroir.


REDD has accomanied the representaves in :

  • the creation of a federation, regrouping 8 organisations and representing 750 weavers,
  • the developped a strong Code of Practice, defining the process and the quality of the product, to request protection as a Geographical Indication
  • the organisation of the quality management system to gautantee to the buyers that the product is authentic

Client / Partners:

IPO-Phil, EU project TRTA 3

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Years: 2014 – 2015