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InterGI – A way Forward for Local Development


InterGI – A way Forward for Local Development

We have been organising, in collaboration with CIRAD, this flagship 2 week training course on Geographical Indication since 2007.
The course covers all aspects of Geographical Indications (from identification, institutional frameworks, qualification, protection, the organisation and management of the specific quality). As an interactive training, importance is given to presentations, group work and field studies, to interact with the stakeholders of Swiss or French Geographical Indications.


12 sessions held (to date – 2015)
Over 240 participants trained from 4 continents (Europe, South America, Africa and Asia)
Leading training course internationally on the subject
Development of interactive training tools and methodology

Client / Partners:

UMR Innovation and CIRAD
Regular sponsors of participants are : French Ministry of Agriculture, AFD (France), Swiss IPI, WIPO and numerous others

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2 weeks, annual sonce 2007