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Local Collective Catering in Lausanne City


Local Collective Catering in Lausanne City

In 2015, Lausanne launched its sustainable collective catering plan – Plan RCD. The overall objective is the promotion of local and organic products in school restaurants and nurseries. Five indicators have been set up:

  • – 70% of local products (grown or raised within 70km of the city)
  • – no budget overrun
  • – 30% of the labelled products
  • – respect of the food pyramid according to age
  • – a day without meat or fish


REDD made an inventory of the potential supply chains capable of responding to the local indicator and to the needs of the chefs. The following sectors were covered: milk products, meat, fish, eggs, fruits and vegetables and bakery products. The results of this inventory were presented and discussed during three training sessions I which participated all the chefs.

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La Ville de Lausanne

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