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The Simple Nightlife You Get When You Visit Davao City

Many people who want to visit Davao and who love the nightlife would feel hesitant to go. Davao is one of the cities known to have strict implementation on liquor, smoking, and noise. There is a complete no-smoking policy all over the city at all times. Liquor can only be served until midnight. The use of karaoke has a curfew.


Fortunately, Davao city offers a lot of alternatives. For you to have a fun nightlife, you don’t need to do irresponsible things and cause harm to other people. You may learn that you can have a fun night while still keeping your discipline when you visit Davao. Here are some suggestions on where you can spend the night away in the peaceful city of Davao.


  • A fine dinner. Before you even start thinking of late night fun activities with your friends or families, it’s best to have your fill of a good dinner. Davao City has a lot of restaurants that presents a wide variety of menu featuring both local and international cuisines.
  • A little bit of clubbing. If you love clubbing and bar hopping and want to visit Davao for this reason, you will not be disappointed. Although clubbing hours end a tad earlier than in other cities, you will get the most out of it. Bars like Business Class, Starr, Hybrid, Club Velvet, and the ones at MTS will cater to your needs.
  • A taste of stardom. Almost everyone loves to sing. So, if you want to be a singing sensation for just one night when you visit Davao, there are a lot of affordable karaoke bars around the city. Just remember that most of these establishments do not go beyond the wee hours of the night. If you want a long concert, it’s best to start earlier.