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Trends You’ll Discover When You Visit Davao

Like how fast online posts go viral around the Internet today, many things have sprung out of nowhere and just became part of every Dabawenyo’s lifestyle. When you visit Davao, you’d be surprised to see some practices you thought you never seen before. Here are some of them.


  • Clap twice for rice. We aren’t sure if this is also practiced by other restaurants in other places but as far as we know, this is what made a grill restaurant the talk-of-the-town. They are one of the pioneering restaurants who offered unlimited refills of rice. If you eat here and you run out of rice, all you need to do is clap twice to get the waiter’s attention and they’ll automatically bring you a cup of steamy rice!
  • Slow down... Davao might not be the only city to implement the speed limit rule but this enforcement created quite a buzz in 2014. When you visit Davao and drive your own car, you have to pay attention to the speed limits as no one is excused for violating the law. It may sound annoying at first but when you’re there, you will notice how disciplined the city is and it actually helped in reducing the number of street accidents.
  • An all-in-one tongue. What do you get when you combine the “conyo” talk with the dialect of Davao? Davao Conyo! Although not practiced by all Davao residents, this is very rampant nowadays. When you visit Davao and ask a local for directions or about anything, you’d receive a reply made up of words from different dialects. To Dabawenyos, this is perfectly normal. You’ll also find out that most locals can speak English, Filipino, and Cebuano fluently with a little understanding of Ilonggo, Waray, Bol-anon, and other Filipino dialects.